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As sign of its commitment to the MENA region, Gulfsands has established its Middle Eastern Business hub in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Gulfsands Middle East Limited (“GMEL”) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Gulfsands Group.

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Gulfsands Syria

Gulfsands core asset is Block 26, a world class resource in North East Syria, which is currently under Force Majeure as a result of UK sanctions.

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GMEL has been established in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the international financial centre in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, in October 2022.

GMEL is focussed on expanding Gulfsands’ presence and activity in the MENA region including selective acquisitions in the energy space. The UAE is fast becoming a global hub for energy investment activities and GMEL is hoping to participate more actively in this burgeoning ecosystem.

Gulfsands co-owns and operates a world-class hydrocarbon asset, Block 26 in North East Syria. Gulfsands is not presently involved in any production or exploration activities on Block 26 as a result of force majeure being declared in respect of the contract following the introduction of EU (now UK) sanctions against Syria.

Our Mission

Gulfsands remains fully committed to Syria and intends to return to production and exploration activities in Block 26 as soon as the legal, political and security circumstances allow.  Gulfsands remains committed to compliance with all applicable international sanctions as well as agreed international consensus such as UNSCR 2254.

A key initiative and objective of GMEL is to engage and work with the various relevant parties, particularly those in the MENA region, to find a solution whereby Syria’s energy resources can once again be developed and used as a catalyst to bring economic and humanitarian relief to all Syrian people and the Syrian economy after 11 years of devastating conflict.


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