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A responsible, reliable partner

Gulfsands’ mission is to build a respected, sustainable energy company with assets in the Middle East and broader MENA region, with its World Class Block 26 assets in Syria at the core. In doing so, we are focused on building a sustainable business model that considers the social, environmental and governance impacts of all its projects.

Gulfsands does not currently operate any active projects but its focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) permeates all business development activities, as well as its Re-Entry Planning Strategy for Block 26 in Syria. Gulfsands has a proven track record of implementing extensive sustainability initiatives when it was able to operate within Syria (Track record).  We look forward to implementing similar initiatives in the future when circumstances allow.

We are guided throughout by the principles outlined by the UN Global Compact and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG’s”).

Underpinning its development work is the compliance with specific applicable legislation and guidance including but not limited to:

  • All applicable Sanctions including those imposed by UK Government (OFSI) and the US Government (OFAC);
  • All applicable Anti-bribery, corruption and money laundering rules;
  • Appropriate Corporate Governance Standards; and
  • Best in class Health and Safety standards.

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