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Gulfsands continues to pioneer Project Hope, a Humanitarian and Economic Stimulus Initiative whereby, with co-ordinated international support, international energy companies would return to operations in northeast Syria, where oilfields are located. 

Under this initiative, apportioned revenues from oil sales would be deposited in an independently administered fund, and disbursed to finance early recovery, humanitarian, economic, employment and security projects across the country – for the benefit of all Syrian people, including those returning to their home country, and in accordance with relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Gulfsands is launching a new video today, which shows the difference that can be made by this initiative.

The video highlights that the current state of the oil and gas industry is unlawful and unsustainable.  It benefits a small group of black marketeers, fuels the war economy, causes devastating environmental damage and pollution, and permanent damage to the oil fields themselves.  If this is allowed to continue, there may be no legacy left for the Syrian people.

Gulfsands believes there is another way. 

Through Project Hope, oil and gas operations in Syria can be cleaned-up, legitimised and production increased significantly.  A revitalised industry – with appropriate oversights – could result in gross revenue of around $15 billion per year.

Resulting profits can be reinvested into areas including:

  • Environmental Clean-Up;
  • Infrastructure Development;
  • Electricity and Water;
  • Education and Youth Employment;
  • Communication and Roads; and
  • Healthcare and Medicine.

Gulfsands encourages an open dialogue as we continue to develop this important initiative, and welcomes any thoughts, insights, or suggestions.  If you would like to learn more, or engage in that dialogue, please join the conversation on LinkedIn, Twitter or via our website at

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