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War Child is an international organization that works to ensure the safety of children in war-torn countries, helping them to recover, grow, and succeed.

They empathize with children’s needs, uphold their rights, and prioritize them in all their efforts, as every child impacted by conflict deserves a helping hand. Gulfsands supports War Child’s mission to provide necessary aid to children in need.

John Bell, CEO of Gulfsands, attended the War Child ‘Winter Wassail’, hosted by Carey Mulligan, Marcus Mumford. It was truly inspiring to witness the overwhelming support from numerous individuals who dedicated their time and skills to assist in War Child’s fundraising endeavors.

The event brought together a remarkable group of individuals who generously contributed an astounding £1.6 million to acknowledge the challenges faced by children living in war-torn environments. Gulfsands takes pride in contributing to this noble cause and commend War Child for their unwavering efforts in supporting and safeguarding children affected by war. It is crucial that we prioritize providing education, psychosocial support, and livelihood opportunities to help these children rebuild their lives.

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